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The Code of the Woolly Mammoth

There comes a time in every Buffalo’s life that it changes form like a caterpillar entering a cocoon later to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. In the life cycle of a Buffalo it emerges from its pupa as a great Woolly Mammoth. This happens when the Buffalo reaches a score and eight years of age. It will occasionally happen sooner if a congregation of four or more Woolly Mammoths come together and grant status upon a mature Buffalo and agree to show it the way. Woolly Mammoth’s can often be spotted by their preferred drink of Bourbon and Ginger, which means you can often smell them coming when the odor of fermented barley and rye and a hint of sweet ginger is in the air. Woolly Mammoths will often sometimes follow the order of the Buffalo and drink with the non-dominant hand. The Woolly Mammoth having learned the ways of the Buffalo and evolved passed it will sometimes take full right and deny the Buffalo with a swift ninja like and very effective Woolly Mammoth call. The call cancels the Buffalo’s call and while frustrating to a Buffalo it should know one day it will make its way to becoming a great Woolly Mammoth.

Written by: Brian Clarke

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